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Sunday, February 26, 2006


"I had a tough time winding down after games. I used to drink about 30 beers a night and close to a fifth of Southern Comfort."

whoooooaaaaa.... on a minor leaguers salary?!?

Not to mention... at "30 beers a night" he would have been hard pressed to keep his weight at 330, let alone 230... Fasano might be quite a storyteller.

jeez. that's a lot of beer. you'd think he was bode miller or something.

how stupid was ed wade for trading away johnny estrada? seriously.

i wish we still had pratt

I always wonder how guys like Fasano keep a job in the big leagues. He doesn't do anything well and his best attribute is to hit mistake fastballs. I can't believe that the Phils wouldn't be better off with Ruiz as the backup from the outset.

If Lieby gets hurt (which is a good possibility), the Phils are in big trouble at the C position.

Of all Gillick's head-scratching moves in his initial off-season, replacing Pratt with Fasano is the most curious of all. Does P.G. think he'll be a South Philly folk hero or something? What was gained with this trade-off, exactly?

Well, Fasano is 4-5 years younger and also cheaper. It gives the team more flexibility to move a young catcher into the backup spot, which is overdue. It would be harder with Pratt there.

I don't have a problem with it. Even though Pratt was a good soldier, it was time to move on. I thought it looked like Tank had plenty left in the tank, but apparently the Phillies did not. The only shame of it is there isn't a young catcher with big-league experience waiting to step in, but you have to start somewhere if Ruiz is ready to assume at least a backup role, which the Phils believe he's capable of doing.

This will be the year to start transitioning past Lieberthal and veteran backups, and I definitely don't think Fasano is blocking Ruiz. Ruiz could still be No. 2 on opening day, but if he isn't ready, he'll return to Scranton and continue his progression.

Fasano is exactly the right type of catcher they needed to bring into this situation, someone who would accept an assignment to Triple-A and would be too undesirable for another team to claim on waivers. He's cheap insurance, but still good enough to play in the majors. He also gives them some thump off the bench. Manuel will probably like that big swing.

Pat Gillick's approach to his job is to cut salary wherever possible. What he's doing in the backup C spot isn't too unusual-nobody (except the Braves?) wants to pay real money there. Pratt has had two poor years in a row and it was time to make a change. Assuming Ruiz is ready, or nearly so, this looks like a decent move. If Sal could actually hit dingers at last year's clip, this team with its lack of RH power could really use his bat off the bench.

consider this..Sal faced his drinking and beat it. Yes he is old..yes he isnt the best BUT he has heart, cares about his team and fans and will always sign a kid`s autograpth. maybe you prefer someone who`s making headlines due in part to steroids??..I have had dinner with SAl at my in laws..he was a pleasure to meet and I think he`s a fair catcher..yeah, Yogi Berra`s a tough act to match..but like Yogi he has heart..that`s it, remember how many of us get to even play in the majors??

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