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Sunday, February 19, 2006


I have to say that few things filled me with more fear then the look on geary's face with a guy on and geary ahead in the count. Anytime I saw him, it seemed like he got scared in that situation and started nibbling the edges of the strike zone to predictable effect.

I have to say I don't share your enthusiasm for Geary. His appearance in a close game always made me unhappy and shouting "Why?" at Manuel. I would hope the team doesn't put too much stock in him going into this year. I see him as a sixth-inning pitcher at best, who doesn't have the stuff or makeup (despite his fearless quotations) to generally be trusted in late-inning situations.

I wouldn't call it "enthusiasm" exactly and I apologize for making it sound that way. I added a "Beerleaguer take" in the original post to clarify my position.

He meets my definition of a beer leaguer, which earns him a speciall place. Still, he's worth a good look this spring for use in a similar capacity to last season.

i know the guys at BP have been pretty big geary fans for the last yr or so, for whatever that's worth. i, however, don't think we've seen him enough in meanigful situations to make any kind of judgement on him.

Geary pitched decently for the Phils last year --particularly at the end of the season. I think he gives you more than Cormier, who is a shot pitcher. But Geary will again be battling for one of the two open relief spots.

count me as one of the guys who thinks Geary could be effective. It's funny, but once you get put in a role or tagged with as a guy who "doesn't have it" it's so hard to get out of that. For anyone who read Moneyball, think Chad Bradford. Now, I'm not saying Geary could be as effective as he was, but he should be a middle releiver on this club.

oddly enough, he pitched better and with less fear after he fouled that ball off his own eye at the pate.

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