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Thursday, February 02, 2006


There comes a point in all athletic endeavors when your mental outlook affects the physical part of the game. If he is afraid to throw his curve, he won't release his arm and snap it fully, causing it to flatten out. I think Arbuckle is right, some time playing XBOX for a few weeks is probably the best thing for him.

He should spend a weekend at a Tijuana strip club.

I have the same suspicion Kruk does about Floyd, particularly considering how the Phillies tend to overrate what few prospects they manage to cultivate. However, I don't really see how anyone can be that convinced that a number one draft pick is headed for a career for mediocrity as he's just turned 23. He may develop another pitch, or improve his command, or increase his velocity with age. If I were another organization and the Phillies were offering him, I'd feel there's still plenty of upside. Most likely, Floyd's plight will be much more discernable in a year from now. If the Phils were to trade him sooner - even considering he is one of their very few bargaining chips - it's a sure sign they agree with Kruk.

That's a good point - isn't that what partly helped move Myers to the next level, developing another pitch (2 seamer for Myers? Cutter? I forget, they're pretty similar anyway). Perhaps that's just what Floyd needs.

On that note, who is the Phillies pitching coach? Dubee, right? Part of me wishes we'd get a true legend in there, in the Podres mold. I just finished "3 Nights in August", and someone like Duncan, or (sigh) Mazzone, or something.... I wonder how our pitchers would perform if we had someone who knew how to take pitchers to another level. Tho perhaps Dubee is that guy? I don't know. Kerrigan was supposed to be something like that too, I guess.

My biggest concern with Floyd was and remains his delivery, which is awkward and erratic. Now, plenty of pitchers have passed through the majors with awkward deliveries, from submariners to high leg kickers to sidearmers to who knows what else, but Floyd's delivery is all over the place rather than consistent and seems inappropriate to a pitcher who relies on power and a big curve, both of which require certain arm and leg motions to be effective. Further, his ever-changing delivery confirms the underlying lack of confidence he has displayed as he struggles to find an answer.

That said, he is young enough still to straighten out, but he is going to need a lot of help and Podres apparently wasn't the answer. Nor does Dubee seem to have had an effect. Maybe Floyd is stubborn, but my sense is he is just shell-shocked and confused, unfamiliar with struggling. The right teacher may yet straighten him out.

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