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Thursday, February 09, 2006


All along I assumed the Phils signed Nunez with the intention of giving him a lot of starts. Why wouldn't they after he filled in for Rolen so well? If they release Tomas, Gonzalez is going to spell Jimmy, Chase and some outfielder occasionally.

It's amazing how good the Phillies offense was when you consider one third of it was dead weight.

Besides Bell's poor offense, he is also an injury risk, so I think his backup (Nunez) will see a lot of time. I also agree the Phils need to be creative with lineup construction. I would expect their lineup order against opposiing lefties to be quite different than against rigthties.

Well, it isn't quite like having Rolen back, but Nunez and Gonzalez give the Phillies options and a good chance to get more productivity out of the third base position this year. Bell will probably have a much more productive (and motivated) year as a sometime/part-time player. Or, if he gets hurt (never a longshot), it will matter that much less. Fortunately, the rest of the infield is pretty damn solid.

I agree Nunez and Gonzalez can bat 8th and not double up Lieberthal who should be in the 7th slot like most catchers. In addition, if Nunez and Gonzalez are sac bunted over by the pitcher they can both score from 2nd on a Single. I loved Bells professionalism, it's just time to move on.

The Bench looks like this Victorino, Kata in the Outfield, Gonzalez and Bell in the infield, and a back up catcher. If Bell is traded we could have two back up catcher's one with POP one with speed, because Kata can cover the Infield as well.

We will miss you clutch hitting of 3 years ago Thomas... and the Shaving Cream Pies.

If I remember, Bell and Lieberthal were both much more effective hitters when they didn't bat consecutively. So even when you use both Bell and Lieberthal, keep them apart in the batting order if you can.

I'm not really sure why there's excitement over a career backup who hit .285/.343/.361 last year. Five homers in 139 games? I'm glad we have someone to platoon with Bell now, but it's still a pathetic platoon for a corner infielder. I can't wait until Bell's contract is up. Thanks, Ed Wade!

I guess I'm the only reader on the site who thinks chances are excellent that Nunez at age 30 will replicate his lifetime average of .248 and .326 SLG.
As for speed, he's stolen 1 base in 2 years. His speed is league average.
Being optimistic is one thing, being ridiculous is another.

League-average speed leaves Bell and Lieberthal in the dust.

I don't think anyone here is too excited about the situation at third base, clout. It's going to stink no matter what. The bigger issue is disfunction among the 7-9 hitters.

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