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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


i really hate the braves. at least they've only one world series in their consecutive division titles run. i loved that game last year where danny kolb blew a save and the phillies won the game :-)

I've learned by now not to bother believing the Braves can ever be beat out for the division title...but it is interesting to read this account of their team going into spring training. The Braves have obviously been notorious for getting extraordinary mileage from players who have have had lousy or mediocre careers elsewhere; the thing now is, they're relying on the fact that someone will crawl out of the woodwork and be the next reclamation dynamo. When you have to start expecting or hoping for this sort of thing to happen - particularly with magician Mazzone gone - there might be trouble.

The NL East has to be the weakest division in baseball. It's the only reason the Phillies have any kind of chance.

NL East is weakest? Weaker even than the NL West?

I'd gave the Braves, Mets and, yes, even the Phillies, the edge over any NL West team. The Marlins may be the worst of the lot, but probably not bad enough to drag the overall East average down to below the West, which, as I recall, was barely able to field a .500 team last year.

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