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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Man, you're not the only one who disliked Gonzalez. I was hoping that he was the one the Red sox signed, and not that *other* Alex Gonzalez shortstop. Talk about a chip on the shoulder, a real punk with a little man's complex. I'll enjoy watching the Marlins go to hell all over again this year. If nothing else, it'll make having to listen to their stooge announcers far more bearable (if you live out of market, you have to watch other teams' telecasts if you want to watch the Phillies).

Unless I missed one, I was right on the nose. Enjoyed the first Bud Light commercial with the hidden bottles, the Burger King commercial with the dancers that followed it, and the "magic fridge" Bud Light commercial. In addition, I liked Leonard Nemoy and Aleve, and I give props to Hummer for a memorable commercial.

I put Jay Mohr and Puff Daddy on a short list of least-likable celebrities and can't understand why Pepsi wasted their time putting them both in their two spots. Did not like the Go Daddy follow-up commercial, either.

As for movies/television shows, ABC's new series "The Evidence" looked promising.

i hate commercials

Vanity is not a valid reason for cosmetic plastic surgery

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