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Monday, January 09, 2006


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A - Glad to have you back...I'm quite curious to hear about the game you attended.
B - Those are great rose colored glasses you bought while you were down there.

The Dodgers and Jeff Weaver have failed to reach an agreement. He is certainly doubtful to sign May 1st, when he is eligible to be a Dodger again. His price is higher than the Phillies are willing to afford, best exemplified by any post-season transaction and/or acquisition. Perhaps Weaver and his agent, none other than the multi-million-dollar-snagging Scott Boras, have learned a lesson by holding out for more years and more zeroes. Is this a possibility for the Phils starting five? They didn't bite a month ago. But it could be a nice fit. Franklin's numbers are atrocious, regardless of his disgraceful lack of run support in the past three years as well as the "he can't possibly do worse" mentality attached to his aquisition. He may surprise us yet. Let us hope that is the case.

It must have been the water. El Presidente was the drink of choice, DR's popular beer.

I have a feeling we're going to see several more acquisitions like this during the Gillick era, nondescript AL guys with "baggage." This would include Rodriguez, and now, Franklin.

It's tough to take from fan's perspective only until we see the results. This is different from the way Wade would approach it. Wade would bring in familiar, successful, comfortable veterans, but the problem was there was no upside there.

So far, I've enjoying the tinkering. It's ultramodern. After all, Gillick is married to a Canadien art gallery owner. Canada was featured heavily by Michael Moore in one of his documentaries, if that's any indication. You think the blazer he wears at those press conferences hasn't made an appearance at more than one gallery showing? Check for a red wine stain on that lapel.

I've enjoyed the offseason artistry. Just when you thought Matt Morris was coming - boom! - he hits you with Chris Booker.

Very expressionistic.

welcome home, I hope we don't have to wait long for the Carlos Ruiz and baseball game story.

yuck. i didn't get excited about the eric milton signing the first time around, when it was actually eric milton.

Welcome back Jason! I'm also looking forward to your baseball stories from the DR.

The signing of Frankilin was a stop-gap measure I feel. It could go either way. Cheap enough to gamble on I think.

Anyone think a rotation of Leiber-Myers-Lidle-Madson-Franklin (with Wolf back in July) and a bullpen of Geary, Fultz, Cormier, Santana, Rodriguez & Gordon gets you to the playoffs?
Me neither.
How about a rotation of Schilling, Millwood, Eaton, Byrd and Ez Astacio? What if the Phillies had pitchers like that? What's that you say? Um....ooops!

It's entirely a stop-gap measure and I really don't think it'll hurt the team. Welcome back, Jason, and I'm glad to finally see someone else in the phlogosphere who's not going crazy with angst over the Franklin signing.

Sure, league-averagish "innings eaters" have value, but:
(a) Franklin's innings have been decidedly worse than league average - in fact, they have been downright awful; and
(b) don't we have enough of those guys in the rotation?

Welcome back Jason - you were missed! Stop gap" sounds about right for Franklin - I'm counting on the fact that Gillick will pounce on a pitching trade (sooner rather than later)once he senses it's right - perhaps this doesn't happen until July? Why all the talk about Abreu and the O's when our pitching still needs so much work(someone else needs Tejeda?)

This signing will hurt the team. I'm a Mariners fan as well as a Phillies fan and I can say with some authority that Ryan Franklin is not only a below average pitcher, but shouldn't be in a major league rotation anymore. His 5.00 ERA over the last two years is actually BETTER than he's pitched, as he's been helped out tremendously by a strong outfield defense and a huge pitchers' park in Seattle.

Every inning he pitches for the Phillies will hurt them. It's not even the money - though he really shouldn't have gotten much more than a million - it's giving innings to someone who is a replacement level pitcher. It's a bad move, and Gillick has already made a few of them this offseason. Again, as a Mariners fan, I'm not at all surprised. And don't expect some blockbuster midseason trade. We've been waiting for that in Seattle since 2000.

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