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Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Know your Beerleaguer:

Q: Hey Jason, why are you writing about Brian Schneider?

A: He is No. 2 on my list of favorite non-Phillies. Can you name No. 1?

Jim Edmonds. What's the prize?

Excellent article (and site too)on Brian Schneider. Of all the off-season signings thus far, Schneider by far and away is the most underpaid. $4 million a year?? If he was a free agent last season, he'd have signed a 4 year, $28 million dollar deal with someone else.

Schneider is one of those old-school guys who places where he plays and who he plays with above the almighty dollar sign. When he is announced on opening day 2006, he'll likely get the largest ovation from the crowd at RFK. And what of Alfonso Soriano? Well, if he's still with the team (something I question), he'll be booed louder than anyone who played in D.C. since Frank Robinson when he played for the Birds (and, man, did we boo that guy. We'd boo Boog Powell too but it sounded like we were saying his name:) )

Again, great site.
Farid Rushdi
The Beltway Boys

self trivia? c'mon jason, don't you have other things to do, like that best of beerleaguer book you promised, due out in a few weeks? on a separate note, why doesn't anyone appear to want molina?

The Blue Jays are reportedly pursuing him, gr, but you're right. Surprisingly little has been written about Molina, who was definitely the best catcher on the market. I read earlier this offseason he was seeking only a one-year deal in hopes of landing with one of the deep-pocketed teams that will need catching next season, a list that includes the Yankees.

from what i've read, sounds like a bunch of teams are interested, but probably, if we were to get below the surface, there are a lot of teams in the phils' situation where a new catcher would be nice, but isn't especially plausible right now.

It;s funny you mentioned Molina, I just heard something about him on XM. Someone called in who claimed to have seen all but 5 Angels games in '05 and said Molina was quite poor behind the plate, too overweight to move around back there, especially as the game wore on. Maybe that and his high asking price have something to do with his unemployment.

While I don't think Lieberthal is a great catcher, I think he is far more criticized than he deserves. Last year he put up a .754 OPS good for 12th of 28 of catchers with 300 or more plate appearances in the majors. He's also put up the same numbers or better with the exception of 2001 (how long was his contract?). I realize he's probably overpaid because he's not an excellent fielder and may not be the best at handling pitchers but I don't think he's as bad as some make him out to be.

since his round of knee surgeries, lieberthal is an average catcher with an above average contract. that does you no favors in philly.

Jayson Stark reports today that:

"So the Phillies also are attempting to move outfielder Jason Michaels for an eighth-inning setup man. (Michaels to Cleveland for Rafael Betancourt, David Riske or Arthur Rhodes apparently has been bounced around, without success.) And if that doesn't fly, a package of pitcher Robinson Tejeda and A-ball prospects is another option."

In his Insider Rumblings & Grumblings he reports that friends close to Abreu say that it is highly unlikely that Bobby would waive his no trade clause for anyone. Best case: perhaps this can have some kind of AI 2000/2001 effect on Bobby. You'll possibly recall that the possible deal of AI to the LA Clippers that year really pumped him up.

I'm not surprised and glad for it. Michaels and Tejeda are the first two players I'd consider shopping.

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