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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


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cheering on bobby - that's pretty funny. in all seriousness, even though the phils could and should do better, i root for the pie man. sometimes i feel like that could have been me, playing all four infield spots and not hitting well. minus all the pies, i mean.

playing all 4 IF spots int he NL does provide value. Now I would argue that he is slioghlty overvalued financially, but otherwise I would think he makes up for it in the clubhouse. He is probably the type of guy every faction of the team gets along with. Sometimes you cant put a price on that.

Perez had a bad year in 2005, but if you look at his overall tenure with the Phils, it was an uncharacteristically bad year. He previously could be counted on as a solid enough pinch-hitter who (I felt) was decent in the clutch and who had some extra-base and occasional homerun power, besides being an excellent and versatile infielder (and one of the few lively personalities on the team). I would expect that he'd return at least somewhat to that form in '06. It's nice, at least, that not everyone on the bench was systematically replaced with anonymous faces like Sal Fasano.

Put me down in the FOR portion of his pie chart. I love Perez even when he is driving me crazy, swinging at those high and away pitches he loves to chase, slamming his bat (or going through 3/4's of the motion) when he strikes out in a key situaton or, more likely, pops up to the opposite side (usually in foul territory). But that versatility in the field has come in handy on more than one occasion and, given the chance to start, he hits better than he does as a pinch-hitter. I guess all of those AB's in the Winter Leagues are coming as a pinch-hitter, no?

Sorry to put this in for no reason, but... Argh. FYI, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"If Mota passes the Indians' physical, the Tribe is expected to send left-hander Arthur Rhodes to Philadelphia for Jason Michaels, a right-handed hitter who would replace Crisp in left field.

The Phillies originally wanted Rafael Betancourt, but the Indians refused. The Indians offered Riske, but the Phillies weren't interested. The Indians then offered Riske to Boston."

Booo. And apparently the Sox are sending Marte, Shoppach, Mota to Cleveland for Crisp, Bard, Riske.

I like all 6 of those players better than Arthur Rhodes.

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