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Thursday, January 26, 2006


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the other writers must love it when you say "jason weitzel of beerleaguer" before asking a question.

"“Last year left a bitter taste in my mouth,” the 6-4, 260-pound Howard said of the Phils finishing one game behind Houston in the wild card race."

I'm loving Ryan Howard a lot more now... I hope he wakes up the rest of the Phillies organization.

Nice! Charlie of Mayberry and the Beerleauger, I look forward to it.

For all of the naysayers: I say not so fast. Piazza could prove to be a great acquisition for the Phils' bench. Relieving Lieby as much as possible in his last year in red pins is key, particulary with the loss of Todd Pratt (behind the plate anyway). Piazza's price has reduced significantly which is the first bit of good news. Two: he should feel the need to prove a thing or two to his old team, perhaps reproducing his former numbers (last year was a good sign and example). And though I don't believe his contribution at first would be substantial (Howard should prove a full-timer, even against these much discussed lefties) it certainly gives the Phils a little security and another option other than the suggested Burrell lefty platoon. Finally, and in the plainest of terms, Piazza would be a great, veteran bat for the Phils off of the bench. With Michaels on the move there is little daily reliability.

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