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Friday, January 27, 2006


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The Phillies' descent into oblivion continues unabated. As I mentioned yesterday, I held out some hope that if the Crisp deal collapsed, Phillies fans might dodge the Michaels-for-Rhodes bullet (make that a Howitzer shell), but Gillick in his borderline-senile determination to load the staff with aging mediocrity has shown great tenacity in getting this fiasco finalized. Two years ago there was great optimism in Philadelphia, with a new ballpark, new attitude and new hope. Now it has disintegrated into more of the same as the losingest franchise in pro sports history plods along at its normal one-legged pace. . .Tom Gordon, Chris Booker, Ricardo Rodriguez, Julio Santana, Ryan Franklin, and now Arthur Rhodes. This garbage truck of a franchise almost makes this lifelong fan want to start chanting "Let's go Mets". Almost. . .

Someone please tell me something that will make me feel better about this trade. I was really fond of J-Mike, when he played he played hard and played well. Why doesn't that count for anything anymore. He will suceed in Cleveland for years to come as our bullpen fights over the handicap parking spots in the CBP parking lot. We had the best late inning relief in baseball last year and somehow we've replaced it with a couple of guys who are past their prime and looking for a bullpen to hide out and grow old in. Well at least they can now do it together. I think I'm starting to miss Ed Wade!?!

Well, we recorded 39 saves out of 60 opportunities last year (65%) compared to 39/65 (60%) for the Braves, 48/71 (67.6%) for the Mets, 42/60 (70%) for the Marlins, and 51/69 (73.9%) for the Nationals. So, I'm not sure if we had the best late inning relief in baseball, we had a good back end, but it was used a lot in situations where had we had some more depth, we probably could have kept Madson, Urbina, and Wagner fresher... Wagner appeared in 75 games last year (77.1 innings)and only 41 of those appearances were in save situations.

I've been blasting away at Gillick all winter (not on this site), but strangely it seems I'm in a real minority in my approval of this trade. I liked Michaels a great deal myself; he knew how to play the game, and it showed. He will be missed. However, the fact remains he wasn't going to get much of a chance to play, and he was probably best utilized to gain something the team was lacking, i.e. a formidable late-inning reliever, regardless of his relatively advanced age. I honestly feel that the moves to acquire Gordon and Rhodes have a good chance to be applauded by Phillies fans later in the season; if not, then we can always trade them for prospects if the team bombs. Plain and simple, Gillick directly addressed a need on the roster.

i'm not a big fan of this trade, but the idea that michaels will be successful for "years to come" is pretty ridiculous. he has been barely above league average OPS the last two years. he's a perfectly fine part-time player with good OBP and fair defense. he's also 29, has no power, and strikes out a lot. it's not like we're trading joe dimaggio. or even dom dimaggio.

I have come half way around on this trade, to wit: Michaels wasn't going to get much playing time so moving him was in everyone's best interest (though we all know a player's best interest is usually last served). But Rhodes doesn't strike me as the best option the Phillies could have acquired for Michaels. All things considered, I would have preferred seeing the Phillies get younger as well as better.

TG: Good points, but even if the off field fracass had allegedly no effect on Gillick's decisionmaking on trading Michaels, we can be sure that other teams were going to use that to not give up optimal value in return. The key to this move is the Madson to the rotation part and if Rhodes starts shaky, hopefully -- as JW has pointed out -- we should have other options from our depth of arms to share the late inning burden.

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