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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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So if the Phillies carry 11 pitchers, that means 6 are relievers. We can be certain that Gordon, Rhodes, Cormier and Fultz have four of those (simply because of contract status), so that is two spots for Booker, Santana, Rodriguez, Lopez, Minix, Brito, Tejeda, Hernandez, and Sanches. Gillick has thrown Haigwood's name in there a bit too.

Quite a lot of competition.

Quite a lot, indeed.

Gordon, Rhodes and Fultz for sure. I'm inclined to put Santana in the mix because he was a free agent signing. Geary proved he belongs last season, so I'm inserting him. Cormier could be on waivers before opening day, but if they keep him, that's six: Gordon, Rhodes, Fultz, Geary, Cormier and Santana. I don't think there's any chance to see Haigwood sitting around a bullpen instead of getting work in Scranton. I give the edge to Tejeda to stick around to mop up games if there are seven openings.

Thus my picks to open the season in a seven-pitcher bullpen. I think six is having too much faith in a starting rotation with Franklin and Madson, no matter what Gillick says.

Gordon, CP
Rhodes, LHP
Fultz, LHP
Santana, RHP
Cormier, LHP
Geary, RHP
Tejeda, RHP

Like utility infield, I'd like to see the Phillies rope some of these pitchers together and trade them to a lousy team for a position prospect like third base or shortstop, at any level. I've advocated hard for trading Tejeda. Come to think of it, I don't see much of a need for R. Rodriguez either.

?? Can Rodriquez be optioned to the minors? Booker cannot.

Whatever happens with the big club, Scranton is gonna have a hell of a bullpen.

I would be willing to bet if we looked at the rosters of most if not all major league clubs we would find a host of no-names and unknowns [to us] in the bullpen and on the bench. The problem with the Phillies is the frontline pitchers, especially the starters, the closer and set-up man (age and injury histories), third baseman and catcher.

This is my understanding:

Believe it or not, Rodriguez appears to have at least one option year left, though you wouldn't have guessed it by looking at Baseball Cube. Lots of injuries, lots of rehab, and at least one case where an option was nullified in favor of DL.

Booker has options remaining, but because he is a Rule 5 pick, he must be offered back to the Reds if he doesn't make the 25-man roster. If they refuse, they can option him to the minor leagues and remove him from the 25-man roster.

I just keep looking at Booker's k/9 and can't help but be excited by him. I hope there is a way he can stick with the organization.

I actually don't think there is much competition for opening day roster spots unless the Phils will eat contract(s) or can make trades.

Cormier is making $2.25 Million (thank you Ed Wade). Santana was signed for $800 K. Gordon, Fultz, and Rhodes for sure.
Add Myers, Lieber, Lidle, Madsen, and Franklin and that is 10 pitchers.

I think the Phils will carry 12 pitchers. That leaves 2 pitcher spots open.

I think the contenders for the final two spots are Gavin Floyd (putting Madsen or Franklin in the pen), Rodriquez (need to justify the Padilla trade), Booker (Rule 5), Tejeda, and Geary. Somehow I think Floyd and Rodriguez start the season with the big club.

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