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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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Yes, I'm pleased with the minor league pickups as well. Gillick said rebuilding the farm system was one of his top priorities. Also, the 3 pickups in the Rule 5 draft were pretty decent. Brian Burgamy, the second baseman from SD, especially is supposed to have some pop (what a funny expression).

We often forget, rebuilding the farm system means more than just drafting and acquiring prospects, it also means surround the prospects you do have with guys that can help them win at that particular level. Winning breeds winning.

Anyone know if Jim Rushford will be back in Scranton? Or any news on Rushford at all?


I haven't seen anything on Rushford, Brad. He's a free agent along with several other veteran outfielders from the Pharm. Baseball America seems to be the best place to check minor league transactions. There is a link on their homepage at the bottom right that is updated regularly.

It’s good to have you back. As a Katrina evacuee temporarily working and weekday living in Houston. I had previously written about my wife washing my Phillies cap and having the “P” letter stitching coming undone and about going to the local Houston WalMart to check out the cheap cap supply. I went back and wrote down the selection. They were out of Astros caps, no doubt due to their post season success. So I could choose from the Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Cardinals, Rangers and Nationals. Who in their right mind would ever want a Nationals cap?!! For Christmas, my wife, bless her heart, bought me a Phillies cap in a suburban New Orleans mall. Unfortunately, it was a youth size, and it wasn’t the classic design. As for the Phillies player pickups, I’m glad they are doing something, but I’m not too excited about anyone they’ve picked up so far. Brett Myers is my pick to make a move to the head of the pitching rotation. The rest are all number three starters at best. That’s what’s so amazing about their wildcard race being so close to the end as Houston had at least three starters head and shoulders better than any of the Phillies hurlers.

Intesting group over all.
I saw Garrett with Colorado Springs 2 years ago. I think he hit nearly .400 in his first stint with CS if memory serves me correctly. I recall it being the buzz at the end of the 04 season. If he can get down the K's, I think you might have a more than solid utility guy. I glanced at the stats, and he seems to live in the 15-20 HR, 20 SB world, which works for me from a flexible defender.

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