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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


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This is great. Also, the 40 man roster contains 10 names that are new to the organization since Gillick took over. Other than Gordon, Rowand, Franklin, and maybe Nunez and Fasano, all the new blood is speculative. If they find one or two useful players out of all these new faces, maybe one guy who makes that 5 game difference, it'll be well worth all the name tags. I'm betting it will be Kroeger and/or Booker.

Good point, Dick. One thing I failed to mention:

We're all trying to figure out what Gillick is all about, what is his motivation. Even from this list and from some of the moves he's made (Gordon excluded), I think it's safe to say there's a youth movement going on, even with pickups like these that are just speculation at this point. For a list of spring invitees, there is actually some upside on this list. There are no Jose Offermans or Midre Cummings here. If one or two stick, and can grow, from the list of 18-19, it's worth it. Can one of these players, or someone like Sandoval, help the Phils more than Tomas Perez? That's not out of the question at all.

I do like the approach, and you can see how it it might even make sense of the ryan franklin deal - throw a lot of potential players into the mix, but don't pay too much, especially in a lean free market year with big money chasing average pitching. I would hope that the intention is to offer some of these players places on minor league teams to. And I really, really hope that gillick will evaluate the minor-league staffers after this season and start shaking things up there after october.

oisin: In fact minor league jobs is exactly why these new players are being brought in. There is no chance, barring catastrophic injuries, that any of these players will break camp with the Phillies. They are being brought in to fill out the AAA and AA rosters. All of them are career minor leaguers.

The mention above of Sandoval got me wondering. After a solid year at AAA as the everyday shortstop, he is now hitting .330+ in Mexico, splitting time between second and short. Is there some reason no one has ever said, "Hey, Danny, go play third."

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