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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


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i don't know about that. from the same story:

"I don't even know what an agreement in principle is," said Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro. "There is no agreement."

Couldnt they have done better than Rhodes? Even some young prospects?

What's so horrible about Arthur Rhodes? Wouldn't you prefer to see someone with a decade of largely successful experience coming into the seventh and eighth inning? Unlike Betancourt, Rhodes a) has proven himself in this role for many seasons, and b) not been suspended for substances. The Phillies had to do something to improve the team going into this year; while they could've gotten prospects for Michaels, it wouldn't have made much sense as Gillick is trying to build a more competitive team now. Even if Rhodes leaves after a year, or even if he proves to not be as effective as he was last season, I still think it's a good move, based on what he appears to bring to the table.

RickSchu (and I love the name, btw):

At least for me, the issue is only partly because Arthur Rhodes is so damn old and it seems like all we bring in are boring old guys who are in the twilight of their career.

I'm more annoyed b/c we have only a few guys who are BOTH tradable (ie: in some sort of demand) and "available": Abreu. Floyd. Maybe Burrell (tho I doubt it). Michaels. That's how bad it is. Sure we have other players, but we're not trading them. So, instead of getting someone who brings pretty much the same skill as Rhodes but is also younger (and as silly as it is, more exciting - I'm personally bored stiff by our bullpen, if that's possible), we get a 63 year old graybeard.

I don't really have any interest in someone who'll be here for a year and give us flexibility. I want that young guy that we'd actually want around for a while. And if we're giving up 25-33% of our tradeable commodities, I'd hope we do better.

Gillick is aware he's in the National League, right?

Hmph. Beerleaguer reader Oisin also mentioned the Riske thing in comments on your next to last article. I was wasting valuable time at work getting worked up about why we didn't go for riske! It's a wonder I could concentrate on my data entry.

Moto failed the physical. HAHAHA This trade has been voided.

holy crap, seriously?!?

Call me crazy, but I'm not against the Piazza thing.

It's true. I just heard on 610.

If Gillick brings in Piazza he instantaneously destroys all the good will the Phils have created in this offseason.

[dripping with sarcasm]Well, if it is on 610 it must be true.[/dripping with sarcasm]

You are right, Tom G. I should have phrased it: I have heard that report as well.

I'm not so sure adding a Piazza is a bad thing. Adding a veteran presence with a solid leadership resume. Power off the bench, which the team SERIOUSLY lacks. The Addition of Sal Fasano, would require the Phillies carrying 3 catchers which seems like a stretch, but when you are playing Piazza twice per week, it might make sense.

Let's not forget, last year, Pratt was inserted twice per week as Lieby struggled, and Lieberthal had a fine second half (Post All-Star Break) of the season. .848 vs .683 OPS.... .231 v. .304 AVG...

And it's certainly more exciting than a re-tread like Arthur Rhodes...

"If Gillick brings in Piazza he instantaneously destroys all the good will the Phils have created in this offseason."

Why? Isnt Piazza in a catching platoon situation better than what we were faced with say, uh yesterday? I know Mike sucks behind the plate and his bat aint what it used to be, but 3 days a week he is an upgrade from Lieby.

RickSchuBlues apparently thinks the Phillies can go to the World Series this year with the present rotation and bench. That is the only way that Rhodes makes more sense than Betancourt. If you think, as I do, that is an extreme longshot then you want to get more than a 36-year-old one-year reliever with a history of blowing the big post-season games. Rhodes' record in Championship Series is: Zero saves, 3 Blown Saves, .389 BA against.

Piazza has value as part-time C/1B for this team. Howard has struggled against lefties in his career (look at his minor league splits) and Fasano is a warm body. Plus, Lieby will be more effective if he only catchers 100-105 games.

Key though is getting Piazza for a 1-yr/$2-$3 million dollar range. That way if he turns out to be totally washed up, oh well.

I don't think the Phillies can get to the World Series, but having experienced relievers helps the cause. Rhodes is clearly not a closer, he's proved that quite emphatically. His performance in long-ago playoff situations doesn't really matter to me. What's the big deal if he's 36? Gordon's 38, and they'll be counting on him as heavily as anyone. I will reiterate my point that Rhodes has had a lot of success for a long time, and while I wouldn't complain too much about getting Betancourt, his overall record is not nearly as substantial. If you'd rather have Gillick write off the season and trade for a couple double-A maybes, that's your perspective.

And in response to Ed, I agree that it's a shame Michaels couldn't have been part of a more productive package that could have landed more of a difference-maker...but Gillick is running out of time here, and whatever he's able to do now to help at all seems like a bonus to me after so much inactivity the past six-seven weeks.

As for Piazza, I'm mystified. He would seem to fit into the present picture about as well as Jose Mesa. But the man must be getting desperate as February approaches; why else would he consider playing for a team that'll have his rear end rooted to the bench five days a week?

Sorry for the snub, Oisin. You are the top British heavyweight/data processor.

carlos ruiz, anyone?

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