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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


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I'm amazed they got this guy off waivers. I've actually heard some good things about this guy... granted, mostly a year ago (check out ), but nevertheless, he's put up some interesting numbers... who knows! I never liked guys like Roberson (all speed, no pop) anyway. I'd take a balanced Aaron Rowand-type any day.

Roberson is not "all speed, no pop". He may not hit 40 homers, but he really fills it up with doubles and triples to go along with 15-20 HR potential. He has improved at every level so far, and I hope they give him a long look in spring training.

I'd agree just based on his latest season (15 hrs at AA), but given the fact that he's almost 27 yrs old (in August), I'm a little skeptical of his ability to hit 15-20 at the majors.

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