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Friday, January 13, 2006


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if you track at myers' early season, you will start to remember the string of 7/8-inning, 1 or zero run games at the beginning of the season when he was among the best in the NL. in fact, after his first 10 games, he had a whip below 1, and an ERA of 2.63. he should have been 9-1; he was 4-3. even though the offense was craptastic to that point, rich dubee and co. have got to get him back to what was (or wasn't) on his mind at that point. that pitcher is an ace.

You're right, gr. Remember his third start of the season, against the Braves? He earned a no decision but pitched great. The Phils ended up winning in extra innings on a bunt single against a rattled Kolb, if I remember.

Listening to Lieber makes sense in terms of the cutter, but just maybe they should do it at the buffet table since his gut looked Liber-like in the 2nd half.

If it wasn't for the flag-pole-ish Madson, imagine what the average waist size would be on the Phillies staff...

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