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Thursday, December 01, 2005


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JW: Let's hope so re: Ruiz.

Pratt's Catcher's Earned Run Average has been:
2003 3.83
2004 3.93
2005 3.53

2001 9.00 (KC)
2001 6.11 (Oakland)
2001 3.08 (Colorado)
2002 6.43 (Anaheim)
2005 5.09

Of course, this could just be a factor of what he (Sal F.) had to work with. His caught stealing percentages, other than 2005, were better than Tank's.

Flash Gordon is our new closer

C'mon that's not too bad, I just wish they could've gotten him for two years instead of three.

Sorry I've been so anti-social, you'all have a lot of fun here. Now to find depth at starting pitching.

I don't think this is right. Fasano signed a major league contract and is out of options. He can't easily be sent to Scranton which means they're planning on him being the major league backup and Ruiz being at Scranton again.

In other news, Tom Gordon has signed for 3 years at $18m.

Jeff: I don't think it will be an issue. The only thing I can figure about the contract is they didn't want to be hung out to dry without a major-league tested backup to begin the season, so they signed him now. They didn't want to resign Pratt because they know Ruiz factors into their plans for this season.

The "easily sent to Scranton part" is mostly up to Fasano. He would need to clear waivers (he will) and except his assignment. If he doesn't, well, they'll figure something out for Scranton. But he will.

I know the feeling though. I scratched my head at this one, too, but I violently refuse to believe Ruiz hasn't won the Phillies over in winter ball and Fasano is the backup catcher all season. That would be too idiotic to believe. Fasano was a minor leauge spring invitee the last two seasons. He stinks.

Unfortunately, odds are Ruiz will begin the year in Scranton and move up when Fasano breaks in the pitchers then plays himself out of the position. That means the Phillies are less likely to see me at CBP in the early-going. If he's Babe Ruth, more power to him, but I'm anxious to see Ruiz in Philadelphia.

Call me crazy, but I am not getting excited over a 27yr old catcher in triple A.

i thought pratt made 700k not 900k. i guess saving 3-500k is good, but they could have kept pratt to "break in the pitchers" and just traded him for something in season (a late pick) and sign a AA catcher then. i guess picking up a AAA catcher now if preferrable, but not when you start the year with two guys who aren't known for handling pitchers. i hope ruiz is good at it.

I estimated with the $500K difference. I threw in some extra bucks and settled on a figure Pratt might earn for 2006.

I'm not sure about the "just trade him" and "sign a AA catcher then." It's not only difficult, but a disservice to Pratt, who has been loyal to the team. It's time to move on, the team knows it, and Pratt probably knows it.

As for 27-year-old in Triple-A, Ruiz actually got a very late start in baseball. But who cares? Catchers take a long time to develop. What age would you prefer? How about not 39?

Guys, this is why there is a farm system, and cheering on Ruiz should be encouraged, as should more moves like this when they apply. Good teams, like the Braves, know when it's time to let youth prevail. I hope this is what the Phillies intend with this signing.

if ruiz is good enough to make the team outright, its moot and that's fine. i'm not going to get antsy until i see what happens at the winter meetings. if they trade bobby, they're starting to put alot of pressure on utley and howard to be marketable stars.

Ok Ill take a 27 yr old over the 39 yr old, but you're selling him to me as the future. I just dont buy it for a 27 yr old AAA'er.


I'm selling Ruiz as the future of the backup catcher position. I'm selling a player who had a great season in triple-A as ready to catch about 30-40 games next season, and seeing what happens from there.

ruiz is essentially the catching version of victorino. he deserves his shot. the wild card in all this is that the starter is overpaid and not all that good handling the staff.

100% in agreement with you "gr" comments exactly!

100% in agreement with you "gr" comments exactly!

little to be excited about with Ruiz. Nice to see he's made himself into a fringe major leaguer from being a nearly released second baseman, but Phillies would be hard up if he got any significant PT... same goes for Victorino. AAAA material

Remember Tomas Perez always lights up one of those south american winter leagues... batting .300 down there doesn't mean much.

I'm a little perturbed with the Fasano signing. Had some flukey success last year, but phillies need a real backup plan for Lieberthal, someone worth giving 200-250 ABs and concievably more depending on Lieby's health and production. I think Pratt should have been brought back.

I forgot to mention something in the original article on Fasano. For those who have never seen him, he's big - bigger than Tank, 6-2, 250. Linebacker size.

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