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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


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Remember that giant dogbone that got passed around way back in the 60s or 70s? It would've come in handy at the Eagles game last night for sure.

It's strange to actually hear Phillies being discussed at work this time of year.

Did anyone see that the Cubs asked Gillick what would it take to get Abreu and he said Mark Prior? I'd go for that deal.

The Eagles depress me, badly.

Perhaps this will bring a welcome respite from the "E-A-G-L-E-S" chants at CBP in the middle of a baseball game. Does anyone know of a way to stop the wave?

Get out of my head, Jason! I had actually considered writing a piece about the opportunity presented to the Phillies now that the Eagles are in the tank. Nice job with this.

The E-A-G-L-E-S cheer will never be stopped, but the wave could be killed rather easily i think. When I had my 17 game plan at CBP there always used to be this annoying, 20-something female rocking her Burrell Jersey who would run down the aisle to start the wave in the outfield. Someone sitting on the aisle, with a well timed leg cramp adjustment, could end her wave starting rather quickly.

this will always be a football town mroe than a baseball town, i'm afraid, the game seems to suit the mentality of the populace much better. of course, in a city starved for a winner, winning can help alot of things. But realistically, one trip to the playoffs is not going to make people forget the eagles went to four straight NFC championships and a super bowl the past four years. the phils have so much ground to make up, its daunting to think about.

Jason: If nothing else this piece underscores what a true fan you are. In the midst of an Eagles debacle you see reason for optimisim for the Phils. If only they knew what people like you meant to them. That is part of their problem: they don't!!!!!

A fine piece.

I don't think it is that daunting, all the need to do is win the World Series this year.

Oh. Wait...

Thanks guys.

A point I forgot to talk about is importance of a good April, May, June, before training camp opens. The Phils have a number of players coming back who ended the season playing brilliant baseball, including J-Roll and Howard. And for all his detractors, I feel Charlie Manuel is the right kind of manager to carry that looseness over to next season.

Off the field, Gillick has done his part in creating some urgency. The best move occurred when he stated that no one is untouchable. To me, that's better motivation than what Ed Wade tried to force-feed, which was "this is the group to get us there, come hell or high water."

Keeping it positive. Remember, the playoffs were just two Tim Worrell blown saves away, which happened the second and third games of the season.

There's a reason this is a football is better.

Let me tell you that after watching a horrendously bad Seattle baseball team and a pretty damn good Philly baseball team this year, and a mediocre Seattle football team and an astoundingly good Philly football team last year, it was just really bizarre to see the Seahawks stomp the Eagles. There must be some sort of karma between my hometowns at work here.

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