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Monday, December 05, 2005


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Yo(el) Hernandez is perfect for the Phils. "Yo, they're bring Yo in!"

so the phils had the AA MVP, AAA MVP, and the NL rookie of the year? i wonder if that's ever happened before.

on a separate note, when does the printed version of baseball prospectus come out?

Feb 28 on Be sure to use the link I've provided on the right. Maybe I can make a nickel off this site for once.

No mention of how TERRIBLE Gavin Floyd has been in winter ball to follow up his AWFUL performance at Scranton?

Nope. Floyd will need to do more than just pitch a nice game or two this winter to mend everything that went wrong last season.

i have a great story about last year's baseball prospectus which i'll need to use on my site around then. you have a subscription to the site, right? if so, is it worth it?

I have a subscription to the site and, no, I do not believe it has been worth it.

I had my first year subscription run out a month ago, and I wasn't going to renew. I lasted 3 or 4 days. It's expensive, but the amount of usually-high quality daily content makes it worth the cost to me.

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