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Thursday, December 01, 2005


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While I'm not drooling over a Bobby4Manny straight up deal. I still think this would be a good move if we only had to pay Abreu's salary for him.

Maybe Manny's nonchalance wouldn't help the Phils, I see that, but it can't be any worse than Bobby's attitude. And Manny comes up with big hits in key spots, maybe not Big Pappi caliber, but certainly a lot better than Abreu.

I don't understand the facination with Bobby Abreu.

I also agree that a stud pitcher is more important, just not as exciting as Manny.

i don't agree, exactly. two more clutch hits in close games, against the astros or otherwise, gets us a wild card spot. we were very close with our best player all but invisible the last month of the season.

I think this is Lucchino feeding false info to a Post writer, trying to make Omar Minaya offer up more for Manny. Remember, within basbeall circles, Minaya isn't exactly considered that bright and his open lust for Manny over the past 18 months makes the Red Sox smart to plant these seeds of doubt.

Could be onto something there, That Dude. They've still got money to burn.

The whole trade bobby thing still feels like a mutha of a hobson's choice. keep the production from the outfield, or lose it for a gamble on victorino, a better starting rotation and the salary dump? I'm loath to give up the hits, the obp and the homerun unless we get 7-8 innings of good pitcher every fifth day, plus a prospect. And I'm okay with him staying on for the first half of the season whilst we work out all the other kinks, and use him to improve at the trade deadline.

As good as the thome deal was, I still wish we got a ready-to-go starting pitcher out of it. then we could have traded bobby to improve the line-up come deadline time.

I agree that this whole situation stinks of showmanship. Manny puts his condo on the market. Lucchino, et al, put out a story about an Abreu for Manny straight up trade to get Omar to up his offer.... which really is only meant to tell the Mariners and Angels that lowballed offers are not acceptable.... The only way this would make sense for the Phillies is if they could flip Manny immediately to the Mariners or Angels... or else create a monster three-way deal with a lot of prospects (Wood, etc.) and bad contracts (Beltre?) moving around the map.

All -

I've been reading all along - just not posting as of late. I'm not for this trade. The PHILS need to focus - repeat after me - STARTING PITCHING!!!!!!!!!! I do like Gillick so far - let's hope this is all just for show..:) how about a starting pitcher?

Cliff: Agreed. I wouldn't trade Abreu at all unless we get a "1" pitcher.... unless we could get a "2"-"3" plus a closer, plus something else. Eddie Guardado + ??? + ???. Not sure.

Jayson Stark's Rumblings ( & Grumblings and Insider Rs&Gs ( are chock-full-o Phillies stuff... including very positive things about Mathieson, Gio Gonzalez, and Daniel Haigwood. And also talk about Danys Baez... which is surprising because I remembered reading last summer that Charlie begged Wade off Danys.

i'm weary of this signing unless he's also a better playcaller than lieberthal. lieber probably ain't too happy about it.

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