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Thursday, December 01, 2005


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FWIW, I kind of found a bunch of bits from around the web and threw them into a rumor post.

Phillies Phan Phorum seem to have thrashed manny for bobby to death, but it is interesting to note in the course of the discussion that Stark reports Gillick as saying they're looking for starting pitching in a bobby trade.

I agree jason. Manny does nothing extra for us, but a decent starter (god forbid a barry zito) who does 7 innings makes us better.

Bobby Abreu for Brandon Backe Houston Astros?

what the hell? Bobby has sucked since the hr derby and getting ramirez would be great. Manny would hit close to 50 in CBP and i think the phils pitching is good enough to keep them in games which is not hard considering how much they could score

Manny is not going anywhere, now that Damon has been let go and has headed for the Evil Empire. We here in Boston need at least a couple of good players on our team, and Manny is one of them.

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