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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


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Is that english?

Anyways... I'm not opposed to Matt Morris in our rotation. Really on paper it looks pretty good; a perfect #3. If Brett Myers can step up even furthur this season (a big If, but unless you're the Yankees, there have to be a few Ifs that end up working out if you're ever going to go anywhere. Hell, Chicago's entire season was a whole bunch of Ifs coming together at once. But I digress)

If Brett Myers nudges a bit closer to a bonafide #1, behind him we'd have two solid inning eaters (lieber and Morris), and two back of the rotation starters with potential for streaks of excellence (Lidle and Padilla)... All without sacrificing any offense and with a little $$ to get another decent bullpen arm.

That sounds like the playoffs. But I wouldn't go any farther than 3 yrs/$27-30 mil or 2 yrs/$20-22mil, not with the declining k rates and mediocre ERAs he's posted in the last 2 or 3 yrs. scary that those numbers are probably low for what he'll end up getting.

God, Ted Lilly sucks, I don't want any part of him. Morris is OK, but his production is falling off kind of quick. His Ks evaporated last year and he gives up a lot of hits, relying on the defense. I'd probably trust him more than Padilla, so in that regard, it's OK. But, he's going to demand close to 9 mil most likely and that's just too much for a guy headed for arm surgery.

You're right, GR. I forgot how badly Lilly stank last season.

Scratch Lilly. How about Jason Michaels for the Berks County-esque Tim Stauffer or in a package for former Phillie Adam Eaton? The stumbling block for the Eaton package appears to be who the Phils are willing to toss in.


Tuesday's speculation had Michaels headed to San Diego for a pitcher. Philadelphia expressed interest in Scott Linebrink, but learned he wasn't available, especially if closer Trevor Hoffman leaves.

Another possibility could be right-hander Tim Stauffer, a former first-round pick who allowed 10 homers and compiled a 5.33 ERA in 14 starts in 2005.

Another is Adam Eaton, though the Padres probably would want more for their projected No. 2 starter.

A major stumbling block for Gillick involves dealing some of the team's pitching prospects. Scott Mathieson and Gavin Floyd have been discussed, and the Phillies are reluctant to deal either.

"The major problem is who they want back," Gillick said. "We don't have the inventory of people who we can give back. There are some people we just can't move, even for a quick fix. You can't move a Mathieson or a Floyd. You're not going to get yourself out of the situation you're in right now with a high payroll by getting rid of guys who you have control over and you have control over their salaries."

You want Gil Meche or Ryan Franklin? I would be surprised if they both end up pitching for the Mariners next year, except for our own problems trying to fill out our #4 and #5 slots...

Lilly really sucks. Just say no.

Stauuffer is a class act. If any of you have read "The Last Best League" about the Cape Cod league you know that. he was drafted, had a million dollar offer on the table and owned up to having arm trouble and accepted less money. that said...his stats ina pitchers park concern me.

that book is on my christmas list, thatdude. did you dig it?

Descent book, however it does suffer in the 3rd act. The author struggles where to go in the end. I think there was more of a story that couldve been written if they gotten into more of the sordid details of these dudes lives. I mean your 19-22 basically playing pro ball near the beach. Maybe im nuts but their shouldve been some good stories in there lol. If ya know what I mean.

That Dude: RE: "playing pro ball near the beach". If you've ever been to the Cape during the time the league is playing you'd know that they might be playing near the beach, but they sure as hell can't go in the water. The word "frigid" understates the water temp on the Cape.

How high would anybody be willing to go with Morris? It is being reported that the Giants have offered a 2-year deal worth over $8 million per season. It figures the Phils have to top that (obviously), but how high do they go? You gotta imagine that he'll get 3 years somewhere based on the current market for starting pitching - should it be in Philly?

"The word "frigid" understates the water temp on the Cape."

Cmon' dude u know what I meant. lol

3yrs/15 might be OK. If Lieber makes 7 and Lidle makes 3, that's not out ofthe ordinary then. does he work quickly on the mound? the faster the better. no more of this vicente padilla / rick sutcliff business.

$8m a year is crazy. if the giants want to blow that much of their miniscule non-bonds salary cap on morris, they're welcome to.

Just saw this at -

"Late Wednesday, another rumor popped up, with the Phillies said to have offered outfielder Bobby Abreu, catcher Mike Lieberthal and pitching prospect Gavin Floyd for lefty Barry Zito and catcher Jason Kendall."

Should be interesting to see how things turn out today.

So wait, do we want Millwood back or not?

Millwood is going to make a fine No. 2 or No. 3 somewhere other than Philadelphia.

Kendall? Ugh. That guy is D-U-N, done. And I believe with multiple years of much money left on his contract. At this point, I'd just as soon suffer through the year with Liebey, knowing that his contract comes off the books at the end of the year (Phils are kind like an NBA team this year, with several big, albatross-like contracts about to end (at long last) - $7M for Liberthal, $9M for Wolf, and almost $5M for Bell - are the Phils big players next off-season?)

i think billy beane is smart enough to know that gavin floyd is worth nil at this point.

Gavin Floyd is exactly the kind of high talent, low contract young arm that Beane loves. The problem with that deal was the 8 million dollar jump in payroll the A's would have to take on when you subtract Zito and Kendall from Abreu and Lieberthal. When Floyd was treated like a blue-chip prospect, he performed like one. Then, instead of starting him and sending Padilla to the pen, or sending him down to start for the Red Barons (blue-chip treatment), they had him coming out of the pen early to drown in a mess that Padilla made. He wasn't the same pitcher after that. Luckily, he's still young enough to straighten things out-- even if it's somewhere other than in Philadelphia.

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