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Friday, December 16, 2005


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To me Fultz should be the legit 8th inning reliver.

I think giving Fultz a bigger role would help the team without a doubt. He did well. At the very least I think he could sort of "platoon" with someone for the eighth inning.

As for Madson, the more and more I think about it, he is better off in the rotation. I think his curveball diminished last year because he couldn't throw on off days to tune it, keep the feel for it.

As a starter, he can pitch every fifth day, and throw on the side as well to keep the hook in tune. It's a feel pitch, and if you don't have the hang of it...

I'm with you; I picture Madson in the rotation, not bullpen anymore. Originally I thought he needed to earn it, but let's face it, he's in. Everyone from Billy Wagner, to Charlie Manuel to Pat Gillick has said it. His command is what failed him last year, almost certainly due to the fatigue associated with overwork. Hitters have adjusted to his change because they've seen him enough. You're right about the curveball. That's the key. It needs to stay sharp if he is to make it as a starter.

A funny thing about Manuel: He's a bad tactical manager, but when he talks about his plan for Madson, or a player like Victorino, I tend to trust him.

By my math the current 40 man roster is at 37 players. Interesting. Some things must be in motion.

Madson will almost surely fair as well in the rotation. He had nothign but success all the way up the minors and never seemed to have any issues with overwork as a starter. He seems more than capable of throwing 160-180 innings next year.

on fultz, lets not forget that headfirst slide into home last year. great moment.

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