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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


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Kindly ask Pat how we couldn't spin The Iguana for Vasquez? I know Javy wanted to be closer to Puerto Rico and I guess we haven't been informed that there must be some sort of new continental drift taking place to move CHicago closer to PR.

I think I remember the Phils being on Vazquez's no-trade list. I don't know if Chicago was on that list.

I agree, connecting with the fans is just as important as fielding a winner.

"Anyway, the revival of the Winter Tour / Caravan is a positive step, and it’s great to finally see some Phillies out and about somewhere other than Old City at 2 a.m. It's part of the duty of being a ballplayer. Otherwise, they should compete in a less dignified sport, like NASCAR."

-outstanding, can't stop laughing!

Update: Harry the K will MC the event.

Jason: Last paragraph puts you right up there with funnyman BS&S. Had me laughing out loud.

OK the Dodgers just got Bill Mueller - who can we get to pitch from the Pirates for Bell?

The Phillies Caravan is a fun time though only a few B list players usually show up. A few years back I got to ride the bus with the contingent to and from Reading. On the way back, Harry, Whitey, Morandini, and Dutch Daulton, we're taking shots of beer cans and playing poker on the bus. Then Bill Giles bought us all cheeseburgers from a rest stop Mickey D's. When I was that young and saw a man walk into a McDonalds and 200 cheeseburgers, it really left an impression on me. I want to own a baseball team one day and so I can buy a bus full of people cheeseburgers and not think twice. Too bad that's where all the payroll money went to in the '90s.

i'm sure the pirates would love to unload the phillykiller, kip wells. brian, how'd you swing that?

per espn page 2, here are the unis that reading will were on tuesdays next year:

Nice sun-burned picture of Gillick, Jason. Or were you showing us your PhotoShop skills?

Great Site. You are now my main source to keep up with the Phillies. I especially enjoy your player evaluations. I moved down to New Orleans in 1978. I am now a Hurricane Katrina evacuee working & living in exile in Houston, Texas. It really burns me that there was a World Series in Houston because the Phillies let the Astro's sweep them during crunch time. To top things off, my wife decided to wash my Phillies cap. Now the stitching of the "P" is unravelling. I went to Walmart here in Houston the other day. If I were a Red Sox or Yankees fan, they had plenty of caps to buy. It's hard to be a Phillies fan so far away. Thanks for your work.

Lake Fred: Comments like that keep my creative juices flowing. Thank you!

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