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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


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I understand how boredom could be setting in for you, but please don't abandon us during the long, cold winter. We need some quality baseball talk now more than ever, especially those of us who could care less about football.

Sound comments Jason on the beat writers, Jason. If there's a reason I'll keep coming back to blogs for insight on the phils it's because the bloggers don't have to do it every day. Instead, you can work on a pet project for several weeks, and publish for all to see at the end. Balancing daily comment with good features is, perversely, easier when you've less time to do it.

Last nite on xm, the Delaware county daily times beat writer was interviewed and the national host and he agreed that gillick will trade howard because thome has zero value

howard should get a solid #2 starter and 3rd baseman...i did not like this but they were speaking as if it was common knowledge that phils fans want thome out/howard in but that will never happen

they talked about it at length..

they also made fun of "gold-glover" bobby abreu

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