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Monday, November 21, 2005


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That's actually pretty funny, and I know I'd be pretty psyched to open up a pack of cards. "Maxes out her card" - uh, about how many cards do you guys get? (without getting into dollar specifics of course)

After the last pack is opened, we're both looking at two six-inch high stacks of cards, no small feat considering today's cards come 5-6 per pack.

Upper Deck: The company that ruined baseball cards. I stopped collecting when wax packs were replaced with foil. That's the exact moment in history when cards were no longer being made for children.

Does anyone remember the sticker books? You'd get baseball-card-like stickers to place in these cardboard/paper book/magazine things. My brother and I used to perform a ritual with those similar to what Jason described above.

I never enjoyed Upper Deck. Topps was the best.

have there been any mark grace jersey cards unearthed? i know an asian jew who would pay top dollar.

& don't forget the stale gum...Isn't a real pack of baseball cards unless you chip a tooth on the gum...and your grandmother throws the cards away later...

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