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Friday, November 04, 2005


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I agree wholeheartedly. Winning cures all. Also, I want to compliment you on managing to obtain a photograph of PR people in their natural environment. Very scientific.

Bravo Jason. This is a recent phenomenon where there is more talk about the business side of the team then the actual games themselves. I recall in the last years of the Vet, the talk shows were focusing on attendance and television ratings. Who cares? Winning will cure all ills.

Hey, hey, why all the PR-people-bashing?

Here's some P.R. that will help the fans "connect" with the team...

Jim Thome "Connecting" with 50 or so long balls...

Gillick "connecting" with a staff ace...

Phillies connecting their fingers to some gaudy jewelry at the end of the season...

The coverage about the business aspect comes about for two reasons. One is that accountability has finally touched the GM and CEO level where ticket sales is what they care about (less so about winning). The Phillies are not an organization of basball men. When Bill Giles was involved his reaction was to sign players or bring in people to put folks in the seats. He was correspondingly uninterested in his minor league teams and player development.

Second, apparently these people had no clue as to the level of resentment building up against them. Now that it affects attendance, they've noticed. We are interested because we've learned that's the only way Phillies' management and ownership can be motivated. Unfortunately, the sports talk radio mentality is short term, and needs to be somewhat resisted by intelligent management.

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