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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


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where'd you find the curveball & slider breakdowns?

ESPN Insider Edge.

That's right. Beerleaguer spares no expense to deliver the news you want. Blogging on the cutting edge ... Insider Edge, that is.

I've wanted to ake a look at those numbers, for instance, how does the league do against curves and sliders? If I had to venture a guess, I would guess he is below average, but not by a huge margin.

Tom Verducci reports from the Hot Stove today quoting an AL Exec on Thome: "We need a bat real bad, but there's no way we'd take that kind of risk"

Heh, funny, I also decided September 21st was the deciding game for Ryan Howard becoming ROY. The notable thing there to me was that it was his first major league home run against a lefty -- and a pretty much game-winning extra-inning grand slam at that. Those are the moments that baseball is made for.

I still do think that they should have Rheal Cormier stand there and pitch to Ryan Howard until either Cormier's arm falls off or Howard learns to hit lefties, though. We'll call it "special practice".

i have a feeling that this is going to be a long off season without many notable moves. the thome thing probably won't get resolved until spring training at the earliest. i am not even that optimistic, i think it goes into the season.

Terry Ryan of the Twins has recently expressed a really really strong desire to add a bat, somehow that Verducci quote sounds like him, I hope it's not.

Deanna, "have Cormier pitch to Howard until his arm falls off"....what would that be? Ten more pitches? That's not a lot of practice.

if the nats can find someone interested in vinny castilla, there's got to be someone who'll take thome off our hands...

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