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Sunday, November 27, 2005


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Several questions...

1. Who is better to have on the bench, Sandoval or Tomas Perez?

2. Can Sandoval play fifty games at third while David Bell plays 100?

3. Why did you use a picture of Placido Polanco for this post instead of one of Sandoval?

The similarities between Polanco and Sandoval aren't just physical. They both hit for average and can field multiple positions. But from everything I've read, I don't get the impression Sandoval can be counted on to play 50 games at third, or 50 games at any other position for that matter.

As for Perez or Sandoval as utility, I'd go with the experience of Tomas, even though Sandoval has outhit Tomas in Venezuela the last two seasons and is less expensive. I'm comfortable with Perez at the hot corner, and he's a fine defender everywhere else. I wrote something on this a few months ago, how Tomas provides "comfort" for an NL manager. I know most people don't want to hear it, but there's something to be said about having veteran utility on the bench, which is why the Phils have held on to him for six seasons.

That said, Sandoval still has a good shot to assume a Ramon Martinez role for 2006, but I wouldn't count on much more than that. As for Tomas, he needs to do much better at the dish, because last season was awful. Who knows? If Perez continues to decline, Sandoval could be pushed into more action.

As far as I know, Tomas is still under contract for next year, and possibly even 2007 if we pick up his option, so I dont think he'd be replacing him. I would like to see him be an off the bench guy this year, and that's all I would want from him. He does however remind me a little of Polanco.. just a little.

I would like to see them maybe bring in a veteran right handed batting 1B to give Howard breaks. I say give Andres Galaragga a call. Kidding...

Perez has one year remaining on his contract and unless he hits this season it will likely be his last despite his versatility in the field. He let the side down far too often as a pinch-hitter. He hits better when starting, but that isn't likely to happen much.

Danny is ready. I would like to see him start the year at AAA and see what happens. He did have a very slow start this year. He played a great double play situation with Anthony Medaro. He of course will not be back but I don't think they should give up on Danny.

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