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Sunday, November 13, 2005


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This is an excellent blog...& actually is a fun excercise you can do with almost any team if you search it's history...Seems all teams make a deal with the devil (Not George Steinbrenner, the other one) to take one last shot with an old team before rebuilding...Try these...'89 Orioles ( including: Schilling, Harnisch, Steve Finley, Cal Jr., Mickey Tettleton, Brady Anderson, and Rene Gonzales...Or the '92 Indians ( Albert Belle, Kenny Lofton, C. Baerga, S. Alomar, Mark Whitten, Thome, Nagy, Mesa...Even the first year Rockies ( in '93...Including: Joe Girardi, Galarraga, V. Castilla, D. Bichette, Dale Murphy (?), & Bruce Hurst...

If they'd kept Julio Franco, they'd still have him now!

On the other hand, then they wouldn't have gotten Von Hayes. I was a big Von Hayes fan as a kid.

I do agree that trading Ryne Sandberg is one of those "worst trade in history" sorts of trades, though, and there was a lot of good talent that went out of Philly on the way to making those terrible late-80's seasons.

I've often thought about that. What could have been???? Oh well. One thing though. Mark Davis and Don Carmen were relievers in 85. They'dve been better off sticking with Charles Hudson (probably the first time that phrase has ever been uttered anywhere). By going with strictly homegrown talent, they may not have been much better. Carmen was one of their better relievers, so putting him in the rotation over John Denny or Shane Rawley would've been a big hit. Mark Davis over the other would've made it even larger. Sure, the offense would have been fantastic been better, but the pitching would've been terrible. The key would've been keeping as many of or all those hitters and adding the pitchers they did have. Sure, Lefty went 1-8, but he had a 3.33 ERA. That wouldn't have happened with all those bats. It probably would've been reversered.

Thanks, Geoff. I gave Carmen and Davis RP designations to represent bullpen for the time being. I'll see if Martin wants to round out the rotation and rest of the pen.

I theorotically wouldnt have minded Greg Gross roaming the '85 outfield more regularly. I was 4 in 1985 and remembered in my first ever pack of Topps getting one of his cards. I thought it was the funniest thing ever that his name was "Gross" and still do today. He's Batavia's hitting coach now.

Don't forget that Dave Stewart.... yes THAT Dave Stewart... also pitched 4 games for the 1985 Phillies. He was no Glenn Wilson or John Wockenfuss... and certainly no #541... err Von Hayes.

Could have been sweet, but unfortunately I can't count Dave Stewart on this list because he wasn't a product of the Phils farm system. He was originally drafted by the Dodgers and traded to the Phils in 1985.

JW: Yes, point taken. Just throwing that factoid out there in the spirit of the `85 theme.

I remember when Stewart was in his prime with Oakland, looking at some old Topps cards and seeing him in a Phillies uniform. I couldn't believe it. But like you guys point out, they weren't the only team that gave up on him. At least we can take solace in that.

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