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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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what did this move cost the phillies? a 1st round draft pick?

sometimes i think you have less actual work to do than me. this move was announced like 30 minutes ago.

gr: Jason emailed me the news within seconds of its happening and it wasn't even on ESPN at that point. But get this: I went to the Cardinals official MLB site and he was already OFF their 40-man roster. WOW. When a guy departs St. Louis, the Cards waste less time than our faithful Beerleaguer in making it official. It's easier to find someone in the Gulag than an ex-Cardinal in St. Louis.

So yeah, about that pitching...

i had the same problems, i went to the cards website to look at his splits and he was nowhere to be found.

i believe he was a type C free agent so it didnt cost them a 1st round pick. havent gotten confirmation on that as of yet though

Any logical reason to believe Nunez would be a better choice to platoon with Bell than any number of available AAA players? Nunez had a career year last season that bore absolutely no resemblance to anything he'd done before. He's a lifetime .248 hitter with terrible OB, no power, no speed and a glove that's league-average. He's just a slight upgrade over Tomas Perez offensively and not as good defensively.

I'm with Clout. He's servicable, but I feel like he really another Tomas Perez. Can't we get Nick Punto back?

Clout: I see what you're saying to a certain extent. I'm less excited now than at 3 p.m. when I first read about this deal and whipped something together. The beauty of blogging is I can step away from the computer, have dinner, and come back refreshed with an update. In this new light, I see Nunez as uber-bench, which is fine. It's something they needed to upgrade over last season.

Agreed. Nunez is the type of player who should have been at the ready in Scranton or already in place on the Phillies bench. But the Phils dug a huge hole for themselves at this position, just like catcher, just like pitching, and were about to fall off a cliff next season because of it. Their best AAA infielder is Sandoval, and judging from the post submitted by the Barons beat writer, Sandoval doesn't project as an option for third.

I'm not entirely certain there are a lot of AAA third baseman who can play in this league to begin with, and if they wanted to get one, they would need to trade for it. This was a position I felt was worthwhile handling via free agency, something small like this, but like I said, there is significant risk he will not produce like he did with the Cardinals. His career line stinks.

Ugh. I heard we were looking at this guy even before Pat Gillick was brought aboard. This reeks of "old school" scouting, where some advance scout decides, after watching a guy for a game or three, that he's a "winner" despite no historical evidence to support that... except that he played for a winning team (wonder if pujols, et. all, had anything to do with that).

A .700 OPS... in a CAREER YEAR??? I fully expect David Bell to bounce back to his track record of mediocrity, which will be far superior to what we should count on from Nunez.

The Phillies have a cultural problem that will only be fixed with a total house-cleaning of their baseball people, not just the GM. Frankly there is nothing to say this guy is any better than Tomas Perez, and a lot to indicate they are, in fact, dead-on clones. Another hole on our roster most kindly described by phrases such as "versatile", "a gamer" and "gives his all".

How about "this guy's a producer". We don't hear that enough.

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