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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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So when is the most likely time we can expect the Phillies to sign an ace?

Yep, that's what i thought too. I went right to the HR/IP sat line and was not encouraged. santana appears to be at best, a situational right hander, since he appears to be pretty tough on right-handed hitters. I think lopez is a better pitcher -- i still don't understand why toronto outright released him -- and could conceivably turn into the phils' new 7th inning guy, the madsen role. lopez-fultz-gordon doesn't quite have the sting of madsen-urbina-wagner, though, does it?

"At least the Phillies won't have to face him again. Last season, he held the Phillies to a .083 batting average in 3.2 innings of work, including four stikeouts."

And that's probably one reason they went after him. I'd like the proverbial nickel for every move by every GM of every major league sports franchise to acquire players who have great records against them.

Roster philler personified. Did you notice he pitched for Scranton a couple years back? Welcome back Julio!

Too many walks, WAY too many HRs. If he is our 7th inning guy, I predict Jon, Brett, and whoever else starts for the Phils will set fire to the bullpen by July.

They won't set fire to the bullpen. They'll just pitch right-handers away and let them lob home runs into the pen.

LoFuGo is not on the level of MadUgyWags for sure.

Here's everything you need to know about Santana: the thumbnail picture on his ESPN profile page shows him wearing a Detroit Tigers cap. He was with them three years ago.

rumors regarding abreu continue to intrigue me. the latest from the nypost being abreu to boston for manny:

heard it on 610 this morning but couldn't find any confirmation in print until now. this would be much better than the rumored deal to st.louis for marquis and reyes.

ahh the stove is burning hot this winter..

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