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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


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Your argument sounds way too much like what they were saying about finding a new "placeholder" pope (and I don't mean Paul Owens)to replace John Paul II.

What could Ruben learn that he hasn't aready learned at the feet of a master like Wade?

HAHA! Believe it or not, I thought about that when I was writing it.

As an aside to this piece: Anyone who lives in Toronto is OK in my book. It's a great city, and happens to be the place my wife and I got engaged. I read somewhere that Gillick's wife maintains an art gallery there - I remember visiting that section of the city.

There's something him, especially in the photo here, that reminds me of someone I'd expect to see hanging around the food table at a gallery opening, drinking wine and eating cheese cubes.

toronto is the best city in the world. and not just because of you and mo getting engaged there.

but really. no gillick. they need to sign epstein. it would be the best move ever. $2mil per and he's ours. he'll build up the minors and find a way to get rid of bad contracts.

plus, it would be like us giving the finger to boston and i hate boston and like the idea of giving them the finger.

If they're using Gillick as a placeholder for Amaro Jr, it's dumb. Just put in Amaro Jr. He at least will be more familiar with the long term commitments, and has a better feel for the organisation. Is he too young? no more so than some of the other babes in arms that have started the GM'ing business of recently.

The reasoning behind Gillick as a placeholder is foolish because they need to improve the organisation, not stand pat.

Oisin, that's exactly what they're doing. That's why they won't interview Epstein, mostly. There will be no shake-up, not from 70-year-old StandPat, who doesn't make big in-season trades and does not have a reputation for building up farm systems. This is essentially Amaro's job, if not now, soon.

Only the Phillies could convince themselves that their golden kid 'isn't ready quite yet'. What are they going to do? Sit him in negotiations with left-handed agents?

The whole idea of using Gillick as a placeholder is moronic. The Phillies need to pick a GM who is the best GM for them TODAY. Not so they can keep Amaro around to make him happy. This is one of those things that make me hate the Phillies as an organization.

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