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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


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I am sure we will see a few more of these ex-Phil signings. I always like the minor league deals with an invite to spring training. Expect to again see the name Billy McMillon as a signee, as we do every year. But I am afraid we have seen the last of Wendell Magee

i like this move by the pirates, since it means adams won't be here next year. thank god.

How DOES he do it? Terry Adams keeps on keepin' on long past his usefulness. The guy has about 18 lives.

Good, I hope Adams sticks. He can serve that fat stuff up to our hitters now.

Terry Adams was not happy being with Scranton. I would see him at the bar after each game. he was pissed that Gene Lamont did not use him - instead using Brian Sanches and Yoel Hernandez to set up Franklin Perez as the closer. I watched Adams pitch his last game. There was a big right up about him retiring (he ended up taking the loss that night) and he got in his hummer and drove off never to be seen again. But seriously, he was not happy being there and not many players liked him. He did hang with John Castellano a lot though - he turned into a prick as well. :)


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