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Sunday, November 06, 2005


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Managers & coaches are like pitchers...You can never have too many good ones... JoePa should get Coach of the year simply for all the gruff he's taken about his age over the past decade (though you don't hear that much about Bobby Bowden)...Besides, give me one clean JoePa over 100 Gary Barnett's 7 days a week...

nice work Ryan...............
hummm.....he turns 26 next week....if thome never went down this past year, you wouldn't have seen him in the majors until he was almost 30....thats soooo typical of the phillies organization....leave the guys down until they're older, go forbid you bring up an actual rookie who's 21 or 22. he couldn't be good....look at the AL rookie of the year, he's 22!!!

Ahhhh, the glory days are back and it feels great. The Nittany Lions are a national power once again which helps to remedy the annual sting caused by our perennially disappointing Phillies and Eagles. Michael Robinson deserves Big Ten MVP not just for numbers, but for the heart and leadership he has provided that has rallied this team around himself and Coach Paterno. And thank goodness there is no quit in Joe Paterno. I,ve been watching sports for many years - this could be the most amazing one year turnaround I,ve seen. But... there are 2 games to play. Go Lions!!

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