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Monday, November 14, 2005


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Can't wait, Jason -- good luck!

all your plugs could come from other bloggers. you wouldn't even have to pay us.

kudos my friend. excellent news.

For a free copy, I'll mention it on BS & S. And certainly that should help because without a doubt, our readerships are completely exclusive of each other.

I'll look forward to seeing it Jason. Sounds good.

How much and how do I pre-order?

Congrats Jason - that's a mammoth undertaking - writer, editor and designer. Good luck with it all and look forward to the result.

Jason: Congratulations. You should design a dust jacket with commments from, among ohters, bloggers on the back. Throw in that terrific kudo from Phil Sheridan, too.

I'm self publishing, so add "publisher" to the list, along with writer, designer, editor.

Good. Looks like I'll have at least six potential buyers, not including Tom G., who has already figured out a way to get a copy for free.

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