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Monday, November 14, 2005


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Do you think Ruiz should have been included? I don't mind them leaving out Roberson, he is too old to be a prospect.

Ruiz is a half-year older. BA doesn't go for guys after they reach about age 24-25. Chooch will turn 27 in Jan.

I forgot to mention another noted omission, Jake Blalock.

Ooops, shows some flawed logic on my part. So do you think Ruiz should be on there? Roberson? Blalock?

I'd say yes to Ruiz, but no to Roberson and no to Blalock. Truthfully, I don't know much about picks 5-10, but if Victorino is not on there (he still qualifies to make the list), Roberson should not be on there. I don't like it when a player his age is still considered raw. Victorino is younger, has better skills in the field and has faced better pitching. I would have put Victorino on my list.

As for Ruiz, he could challenge for a backup catcher position this spring, so I'd say that was good enough for mention on the list somewhere near the bottom, but I'm OK with the omission.

Will Kimmey said in his chat today that Victorino and Roberson were right outside the top 10.

Incidently, I do agree with Hamels at No. 1, even though I said earlier that his history no longer makes him a prospect. In truth, he's the most dynamic of the bunch by a longshot, with Bourn next if he can bring down his Ks and continue to work at getting on base.

If he stays healthy, Hamels could be a nice mid-season addition like Zack Duke was in Pittsburgh.

Floyd was not on the list because he exceeded the number of innings pitched limit (50).

JW: Any insights/knowledge about Timothy Kennely of the GCL Phillies? An 18 year old 3B with an .835 OPS. Including 21BBs to 18Ks.

Nope. Nothing to add on Kennely, MPN.

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