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Friday, November 18, 2005


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No one does a better job of keeping us informed of the up-and-comers than you do, Jason.

Agree with TG. Good stuff. The price tag is also nice on Victorino. His OPS trendlines, minus Vegas, are also nice.

damn it jay, cut it out!

GR: You could write something on my second choice for a morning post: a short piece on Gavin Floyd, reminding readers that he's one of the big keys to next season. After four years in the minors, it's time to see what the fourth overall pick in the 2001 draft can do.

you made the right choice, that's not nearly as compelling. his windup mechanics stink.

If Floyd contributes in a significant way next season it will be an enormous surprise. I agree with gr and have said for a long time that his mechanics are terrible -- all upper body and all over the place. I also predict he will instigate bad blood between the Phils and whichever team he faces and hits a few batters. While most people worry about his command of his curve, I worry about his command period. I would not be surprised to see him sent down to Scranton again.

Call me crazy, but I'm ok with generating bad blood and hitting a few batters. One of the reasons hitters are so successful is due to pitchers inability to take command of the batters box.

No doubt about it: Floyd contributed some of the most awkward, overmatched moments of the season. I agree about mechanics. He pitches like he's afraid to get hit with a line drive, and when things don't go his way, he doesn't recover.

I'd like to see him pitch every fourth or fifth day in spring training, and I want him pitching to Pratt. 2006 will be is his fifth season, and even though he's still just 23, it's time to see if he can cut it, or whether the Phils start putting the effort elsewhere. He's lucky the farm is so thin with pitching, because on another team, he would have been passed by.

spring taining is great. I hope Shane gets a good shot, and the same for Gavin and I still wonder who is Danny Sandoval. This guy has hit well in the minors the last 2 years, and always hits well in Venezuela in the winter. He out hits Tomas Perez in his home country. Can he field? Is Tomas Montgomery's favorite player as I have heard?

just so you know, i wrote my post and then checked your blog on purpose so as not to deter me. there's a alot happening at work and possibly in my career, so my research time has been thin lately -- i've turned into a bargain-basement oped columnist.

on the subject of floyd, he's almost certainly either going to start at AAA or in the bullpen, if he can somehow magically handle the later. if madsen is moved to the start ro, they've only got one spot left and i would bet that its filled through trade. only exception would be if madsen (or floyd himself, of course) gets dealt. i can't see lieber, myers, or lidle getting dealt.

I'm looking forward to a nice spring training battle between Madson and Floyd for a spot in the rotation. It's not going to help the team by handing it to Madson without a fight. Floyd, despite his ups and downs last season, spent 90 pecent of it as a starter, Madson 100 percent as a reliever.

I think most fans, and Billy Wagner, are expecting Madson to round out the rotation, but if I'm the Phillies, that spot needs to be earned in Clearwater. Actually, its worth pulling for Floyd because the Phils won't need to replace Madson in the bullpen. Floyd is not a reliever.

question: who was the last world series winner without a left-handed starter in its big five? i don't know, i'm curious if anyone does before i start the research.

Part of the reason you would have a hard time finding a World Series winner without a lefthanded starter is that everyone believes you have to have one. They add one whether or not it is really necessary. Personally, I think it is a luxury, and it helps to have the ball come from the other side every so often, but not necessary.

Malos Osos De las Noticias

"In Puerto Rico, prospect Gavin Floyd is looking to regroup from a subpar 2005 season and claim a spot in Philadelphia's starting rotation. The right-hander, who had a 6.16 ERA in 24 appearances at Scranton, has a 7.50 ERA is two starts for Arecibo.

The Phillies will be watching Floyd closely.

"Winter ball is going to be important to him," said assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle. "If he's going to be a realistic candidate for the rotation, he needs to show everyone that he's on a positive track. That's one of the primary reasons we wanted him to go, for his development and to show us that he's ready."

I hope that Saturday gem in St. Louis was not the best we've seen from Gavin.

"An intriguing name here is catcher Carlos Ruiz, who has continued his hot second-half hitting at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre with a fine start for Licey. He's hitting. 323 through 31 at-bats, and could wind up as Philadelphia's backup catcher next season."

Buenas Noticias
"Yoel Hernandez has gotten off to a good start in his quest to secure a spot in the Phillies bullpen, as the right-hander has made winter ball look easy.

Hernandez already has seven saves in 12 appearances for the Zulia Aguilas of the Venezualan Winter League, and a 1.29 ERA in 14 innings through Nov. 16. He's also struck out 13 against just two walks."

re: last world series winner - the 2004 boston red sox. martinez, schilling, lowe, wakefield, arroyo are all righties. according to baseball-reference, they only had one game started by a lefty all year - 21-year old abe alvarez.

before them it was a team i'm sure we all remember - the 1993 toronto blue jays. al leiter did start 12 games for them in his first real season in baseball, but he was used mostly as a reliever and didn't start a game in the postseason.

thanks, ae. forgot about last year. they did have a knuckleballer, so that's kind of like the right-handed version of a left-hander (what?). boy, what has happened to gavin floyd.

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