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Friday, October 21, 2005


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I believe the best pitcher the Phillies can trade is Padilla. Everyone loves his stuff. Surely there is someone out there (Leo Mazzon???) who believes he can straighten out the rest of him.

After that, the next best possibility would be Tejeda or Brito, neither of whom can be expected to fetch an impact player. I'd hold on to Tejeda because I like his attitude and believe he earned another look.

Brito, the only lefty other than Wolf, isn't likely to fetch too much.

Hamels won't fetch much if anything with his history. Floyd is still regarded as an untouchable by the Phillies. By May of 2006 he will have confirmed their faith in him or he may very well be shopped by the June trading deadline.

I remain convinced the only way the Phillies get any pitching in here is to trade a position player such as Abreu. Much as I dislike the possibility, it may be time.

Interesting scenario...I would agree with it based on the fact that I have no faith in the organization to develop "young/wild" pitchers. If we had the right type of pitching coaches, students of the game, pitching mechanics and theory who can work wit pitchers (unlike Kerrigan) than I say we keep and develop. Now we are stuck with "feel" guys so we might as well send off Tejada and watch him turn into another Carlos Silva since Silva could only become what he has somewhere else.

The Silva deal was indeed a botched job, but the differences between Silva and Tejeda are pretty striking. Tejeda is wild, but gets Ks by "throwing," Silva is a control pitcher who never walks anyone, but gives up a lot of hits and really needs good fielders behind him. The Phils thought Silva couldn't be a starter in the bigs, even though he was a very consistent starter in the minors and walked only about 25 batters in an entire season. They let him go.

Soon enough, Tejeda will start to get bombed, and that's no good at CBP.

I don't know about Tejada on his own, but I think tejada and padilla as a package might net some big returns - it's the kind of deal that a less than knowledgeable GM is going to eat up . . . IF we research and carefully target decent up-and comers for third base+catcher (maybe even another pitcher). Seems to me that the key to making that kind of trade work is not to ask the sun moon and stars, but to have some very specific mid-range players in mind. Of course, that would require a clear idea of exactly what the team needs. Not something you'd expect of our brain trust right now.

Too bad we don't have, you know, a GM who could, like, consider trades and stuff.

I agree with what you say about Tejeda being "effectively wild." Take a look up north at Mr. Victor Zambrano, and then to Tampa Bay, where they got Kazmir for him. Not that the Phils are going to get a guy like Kazmir, because the Mets were absolutely fleeced in that deal, but Tejeda is likely to struggle unless he gets better command.

i think hamels, if he makes it to spring training, should be tried out of the bullpen. perhaps that can alleviate some of his injury problems. i really gotta question his durability if he's oft-injured in his early 20s. he could end up being a closer with his stuff.

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