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Monday, October 24, 2005


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And we all thought West Philly was a bad neighborhood.

"There’s an unfair stigma, however, that trouble follows our Latino players wherever they go."

Actually, it seems fairly well earned to me. I know that's a blanket statement, but rarely is the news good, especially in Venezuala, where they are run by a mad dictator.

That dude - although Chavez was involved in a coup in 1994, he was democratically elected in '98, and in the recent referendum on whether he should step down, he was allowed to stay (with a 60% vote) in a voting process decreed fair by international observers (see wikipedia entry on venezuela for details). Whatever else your views on chavez' actions, it would be incorrect to describe him as a dictator when he can be seen to rely on democratic process.

i think the dictator label would moreso apply to his governing style, not the election, but i guess that's just semantics.

jay, i was going to blog n this, but i'm glad you beat me too it, i didn't really have too much to say. i will only add that because this took place in a country and a culture that the media generally doesn't have a firm grip on, it will go the way of the jason michaels story. for whatever reason, that story went away quick and this one, involving latinos -- the media are always sensitive to portraying "minorities" and their culture in a negative light -- will do the same, most likely.

Elected democratically and Venezuala are oxymorons.

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