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Friday, October 21, 2005


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Agree that CB Buckner is the worst ever -- behind the plate or on the bases. It is amazing this guy is still employed by MLB. Lance Diaz is bad behind the plate too. But in general, I agree the umps do a good job.

Joe West and Angel Hernandez... why don't they just bring back Eric Gregg and get it over with?

CB Buckner

5-23-07 Yankees vs Red Sox

CB Buckner must be the worst umpire in the league.....The clown could not get a ball or a strike correct. Does he want to do his job? HE SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get a clue, he was absolutely aweful!!!!!!!!!!! He was horrible for both sides, Yanks and Sox...
CB buckner reminds me of a guy named JR.Creech who was an umpire in A ball and then in College in the Dixie Conference....What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CB Buckner has no busines being a major league umpire.

CB...I hope you see this post

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