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Saturday, October 01, 2005


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One out of two today. Time for us to become very big Greg Maddux fans ...

I'm belated in mentioning that I've read every column in this (and the linked) blogs throughout the second half of the season (when I FINALLY discovered the Phlogosphere) as well as in the accolades I want to shower upon the Phillie phaithful. Here's to hoping that Greggy M can complete a .500 season and defeat Oswalt today (he of the enormous cranium and Phutility-inducing pitching). Here's also to Jonny boy duplicating Myers' (the Insolent One) performance from yesterday at the VetII outdueling a Washington bullpen-staple with a seemingly untouchable ERA.

It's been a wild ride this season, and I'd love to see the Phils return to the post season, wipe out the Cardinals (a daunting task, given the Cards' obvious urge to get back at the Phillies for their .667 winning percentage against them this year), and (possibly) sweep the Padres (who WILL beat the Choppers) to return to the World Series.

Who will the Astros field in Monday's (in my mind, anyway) forgone one-game playoff? Backe? Bring it on. JRoll will hit for the cycle on Monday, mark my words.

Oh...and...go Eagles. I'm glad that the powers that be scheduled their game at 4:05, so that I'll have time to grab a six-pack while the Phils are wrapping up their win in DC before the kickoff.

Again, great work to you (and the others in your link table) throughout the season. Rest assured I can relate to your anguish in re: Bell/Lieberthal/Wade/et cetera and join in your embrace of the potential of this team.

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