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Monday, October 31, 2005


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Truth be told, I'm for the Phillies getting younger top to bottom. I'd like to see them hire Amaro, trade Bobby for a young pitcher or catcher, release Cormier, move Thome, dump Bell and make you director of media relations. For my next trick....

Why not add DePodesta to the interview list?

pat gillick is stealing my optimism, probably to trade it against the strong canadian dollar and make an emotional profit. damn that hoser.

I agree with Tom Durso. With DePodesta available, he should get a call.

I can't imagine Gillick would be good for Philly. When he was out here in Seattle, he was one for not making moves at the trade deadline, and for signing questionable free agents that might help the team win NOW, rather than bothering with draft picks and building up the farm system at all. I don't think that syncs well with what Philly needs... or am I completely reading it wrong?

DePodesta is one of my heroes, but given what the LA press did to him, I can't imagine he'd fare any better in Philly.

GR - damn your dry commentary. First time I've laughed at the Phillies mess in over two months.

Everyone else - I'd be surprised to see the shortlist changed right now, although I would install DePodesta ahead of antonetti on my ballot card on the basis that he's had to deal with the other side of being a GM - not just the organisational hard work and talent analysis in all its various forms, but arguing with the owners, the media . . . I reckon if he's a smart guy, he comes out of it a better GM. And everyone says he's smart.

Sadly I've filled out my ballot card, and it's stamped and posted, so I can't change my mind. Dammit.

I'll stick with Hunsicker in my vote.

Hunsicker sits at the top of my card, but I've gone 1-5 and antonetti sits in at number 3.

I like Paul D, but his tenure in LA might have proven the Peter Principal. Now he might be great as a #2 to Hunsicker.

Goodman: If Amaro isn't hired by the Phils this time around, he will certainly be hired next time ... if the Phils work out a way for him to stay under the new GM. That is my take.

The newly available Epstein presents an interesting option.

Jason, there's no way the Phils will shell out 1.5 million a year for Epstein. I just can't see them opening their coffers that much. Besides, according to his interview in the Globe, he's gonna probably sit out for a year. What a mess that is up in Boston, I think they pretty much screwed the pooch.

And I don't understand all the enthusiasm for DePodesta either. The Dodgers have never been more screwed up than now. I mean, how could you put Milton Bradley and Jeff Kent together on the same team? I'll bet they end up with Gillick.

Pretty soon, Mr. Montgomery will figure out that Hunsicker is the best option (I hope).

Harriet Miers is out there, too.

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