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Sunday, October 16, 2005


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Ozzie Guillen makes Bowa like a choir boy.

Great post, Jason, but our front office has never indicated a willingness to seek out and copy any other team's success except their own -- which was 25 years ago, an eternity in baseball. And which helps to explain why the current Phillies are having such a hard time.

if we made white sox-esque moves, we'd drop abreu and burrel for willy taveras and vernon wells, leave the starting rotation untouched, sign danny kolb as our closer, and keep thome on the bench all season. i don't think any phans would be too happy with that...

i agree with you about the need for creativity from the GM, but the white sox's moves were all hindsight-is-20/20-type things.

I think the lesson here is the White Sox embraced change, which is something the Phillies have never done as long as I've been a fan. That's why this GM decision is probably the most important decision in a decade or more. I'm not too concerned what Phans think, because we're all in the same boat: Unhappy, and unwilling to keep the status quo.

don't get me wrong, i'm with you 100%. (and by phans i meant more the obsessive blogreader and stathead population than your average philadelphian.) but picking up players who need to boost their average by 50 points or cut their ERA in half to be effective is maybe not the wisest strategy, even if it works sometimes.

Yeah, Ozzie is tough. And he has total support from the top. No going behind his back. That did not go over well here is Philly with Bo.

I agree that we need to change something, preferably by trading Abreu in my opinion. I still would like to see an experiment with Howard in the OF for a while. The idea of his and Thome's bat in the lineup (assuming Thome is healthy) makes me drool. What the hell, think out of the box!

(Unfortunately, something our Phils are not known for doing much of)

I really hope that Hunsicker gets the GM job.

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