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Thursday, October 27, 2005


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The Sox walked past the big 3 not because of momentum but because they were a better team.

I don't think it has to be one or the other. I think they were a better team AND they had mo'.

Of course, if Oswalt wins Game 3, end of mo'. Momentum only goes as far as the next day's opposing pitcher. Only in this case, Oswalt was trying to stop a freight train.

It was worse last season. The Cardinals had no chance.

Bah. "Momentum" is an excuse to ignore strength of schedule. "Momentum" is the reason teams win until they lose, in which case the writers have to drag out a different tired sports cliche.

Yeah, momentum rules!

That's why the Cards rode that Pujols HR all the way to the title!!

I won't talk about something I can't see, but I will add this on the White Sox' improbable long-ballheroes (Blum, Podsednik): I grew up living and dying with the Orioles and remember well that 1969 series during which Al Weiss, who had hit one home run in his previous 7 million at-bats dating back to his whiffle ball days, hit a home run. Of course, that was also the Series in which Ron Swoboda, who had to be told what you did with a glove ("Oh, you catch the ball with this thing!??")made that diving catch of Brooks Robinson's line drive that would have broken open that game. The biggest stage has always seen improbable heroes walk across it for one brief, shining moment of glory or infamy. It just depends on whose stage you are talking about.

I could write a whole book on baseball moments you can't see.

Yet another reason I have lost all respect for ESPN: I caught a little bit of their wrapup after the game, and one of the incredible idio... er... one of the analysts said that one of the reasons the Astros lost was because "they were showing their age a little bit." Oooooooookay. So, their old ballplayers were sparky while fighting down the stretch, feeling fine when dominating the whipersnappers in the NLDS and NLCS, but hit the wall during four games in the WS?

let's not forget the legendary ozzie smith left-handed HR off niedenfuer...

Anyone hear Larry Bowa's comment after the game where he said "It goes to show you that an agressive manger with fire can win the World Series"?

gammons' comment about the astros needing to get younger was a pile of horsebleep. (they have a mix of vets and young talent. no team that's all young gets to the finals). he's the best of a weak bunch of yahoo analysts. truth is, Houston's offense was weak most of the year and so was their schedule. they played well for a stretch but the sox were the best team in baseball this season.

As another season draws to its close, I agree that the best team in Baseball won. The Sox led the division from start to finish.

I don't know about momentum, but I think the baseball Gods were indeed smiling on the Sox throughout the playoffs and Series for sure.

I found the Article in today's Inquirer interesting where Ken William's comments about finding players that had the 'mental toughness' to play in Chicago could also be applied to Philly.

I think that it is the major thing this team lacks. That and 'heart'!

Also I saw they interviewed Arbuckle today or yesterday. Man, I hope they get somebody from the outside, not an inside 'yes man' (Amaro?).

I'm probably the most foul-mouthed worker in my office, so I don't usually catch bad language. So I need to trust you guys not to use it. I have no choice in the matter actually since Beerleaguer is now officially syndicated on This is a new-ish development, so it's probably the first time some of you have heard about it.

Thanks, and keep up the good, *clean* comments.

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