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Sunday, October 02, 2005


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I've got goosebumps. Excellent writing. I look forward to your posts every day and am usually rewarded with thoughtful, well written prose. Thanks.

Great job, per usual. I am hoping against hope today. I guess I have a kid's perspective of the Phils. I have enough things to worry about then compound my angst railing against "ownership" and Ed Wade. Let's find out on the field of play where it all matters. Go Phils!

Thanks, guys. Jim Salisbury has a wonderful, genuine article in the Inquirer this morning as well. His excitement never seems phony or forced. He's been tremendous this season.

Baseball was better as a kid, because I could say things like "Von Hayes is my favorite Phillies player!" and people's reactions would be "Aww, how cute," instead of "What, are you nuts?"

Baseball was better as a kid, because my mom had Sunday season tickets to the Vet, and every other weekend during the summer meant a Phillies game and a 14-and-under giveaway.

Baseball was better as a kid, because it's supposed to be. Make a baseball fan at 6, and they'll be taking their grandkids to the ballpark at 60.

Hey, I know where you're comin' from when you say that kids can ruin the game. I feel like most of the kids running around the ballpark are little monsters, but don't paint me as a bitter old coot because I say that. The kids who really love the game are a real pleasure. Every once in a while I get to sit next to one and it's just great. Unfortunately, most of the kids I encounter at games are nothing but loudmouthed, spoiled little junkfood recepticles who could care less about what's going on down on the field. Nothing we can really do about that however, so I guess we've just gotta grin and bear it and enjoy it when we come across the ones that get it.

Haha ... you're starting to convince me I was right the first time.

By "loud mouthed" you mean "passionate", right?

Nope, "loudmouthed" was right.

I thought Ted was talking about Pat Burrell for a minute there.

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