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Thursday, October 20, 2005


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beat me to it, jay. the most intriguing part of next year's club, besides what big deals could be made in the off season, is how the bullpen is going to shape up. the phils could conceivably lose all parts of the troika, wags and urbina to free agency and, it sounds from the winter meetings, madsen to the starting rotation. that leaves geary, fultz, aqualung (my sleeper pick for closer or setup guy), and tejeda/brito. big holes to fill. i wonder if hamels might start in the bullpen if he's healthy. perhaps he can stay healthy in that role.

Great piece of info there, Jason. Now I have a bit more distance on the end of the season, I'm confident of the bullpen if we can bring in guys like these, because I'm confident of our current pitching coach getting them up to major league speed - he got the best out of brito and tejada, so I think he can do just fine. IF we get a half-decent closer.

I hope they don't go for the U-get option - I just don't trust a closer who only relies on location and breaking stuff, especially when his location will wander far and wide in the course of an inning.

Jason: One of the MANY great things you bring to the table is your knowledge of the Phils farm system, from the players to the managers. No one does it better.

Why, do you suppose, the Devel Rays released Minix?

san diego seems to be a really good fit for urbina, pitcher's park and the presumed loss of trevor hoffman. uges wasn't a particularly inspiring set up guy. very ht and cold.

Goodman: I got my people working on it. My guess is they couldn't protect him on the 40-man roster and he wasn't eligible for the Rule 5.

Also, if you think I'm good with the minors (far from it), you should have a conversation with my stepfather sometime. He's the farm system guru.

Mike Drago, the R-Phils beat writer for the Eagle, thinks it was probably a roster decision. They looked at Minix as being 28, figured he was too old to play at Double-A, figured he could only marginally help them at Triple-A, and figured they had better, younger guys, or veteran guys closer to the major leagues, that they wanted on their Triple-A roster.

BTW, I noticed in an ESPN piece on the White Sox bullpen and their inactivity over the last few weeks that Cliff Polite was among those interviewed. Talk about landing on one's feet. Didn't he make a few other stops along the way between the Phillies and the World Series?

Pollite had a very good season, ERA of 2.00. He pitched with the Jays after Philadelphia in a deal that brought Dan Plesac to the Phils. I had to look that up.

Here's a quiz: Here's the list of the best relief pitchers in baseball according to Win Shares. How many Phillies properties or former properties are on this list?

1. Rivera
2. B Wagner
3. Turnbow
4. Nathan
5. T Jones
6. Street
7. Timlin
8. Politte
9. Linebrink
10. Valverde

I count 5 (Wags, Turnbow, Jones, Timlin [who quit on us!], and Politte).

Speaking of the AFL.... The Bourn Supremacy looks to be doing nicely, too. My thoughts for next year are to see how a Michaels/Victorino platoon does (30/70 split, most likely) and let Bourn go the full year at Scranton. Of course if this necessitates moving Bobby (and I'd argue you'd need to move him over Burrell because (1) he is a Moneyball/roto player who will return more value in a trade and (2) our line-up is way too lefty tilting as is....

You got it. Turnbow was the tricky one. He was in the Phils minor league system from 1997-1999 and was taken by the Angels in the Rule 5 draft.

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