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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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Bingo, bingo, bingo -- especially regarding the starters. The bullpen was really stretched thin at the end of the season, and given it was typically called into games in the fifth or sixth, it's easy to understand why.

I dont know that I trust the team that played in September. Playing well in Sept can sometimes be fools gold, especially when other teams routinely play people ont he latter side of the 40 man roster....

As to Manuel, if I were the new GM I would probably start with him, BUT with a VERY short leash.

That trade for Torri Hunter still intrigues me. Is there anyway we can get Hunter as a replacement for whoever leaves our outfield without giving up Howard?

How about shop Burrell and Abreu, and pursue Johny Damon?

Only just caught up with this (have not been coping with Ireland's inability to show up and play football matches - currently in ireland for tomorrow's equivalent of game 162 for the phillies). Crazy.

I guess this means that Billy W will definitely not be back. Presume this has been mentioned already, but either Monty doesn't want to keep Wagner, or is about to throw money at a problem. Or option c which is he's made the unwise move of firing a GM who at least had a plan in place for negotations. All three are unpalatable options.

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