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Saturday, October 22, 2005


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Interesting take, Jason, but I think MLB should choose: yes or no for both leagues. For years one of the chief differences between the two leagues focused on the umpires and their chest protectors. Outside protectos for AL umps; inside for NL umps. The result was one league was considered a high strike league (AL) and the oher a low-strike league. Now, all umps wear inside protectors and rotate leagues with no crew just working AL or NL games. The DH produces a different game in terms of strategy and offense and should either be universal or eliminated.

I understand Perez is under contract next year for $700K, but do you really think Perez is a lock to make the team and provides value ? As you mentioned, he is one of the worst hitters at the major league level and doesn't have speed to be a pinch runner. True it is nice he plays 4 positions in a medicore manner, but I think the Phils would be better to have a 2nd/SS backup who could also pinch run and hit better (Sandoval ?) along with a 3b/1b guy like Martinez.

I don't think Perez is all that medicore of a fielder. Third base, in particular, is tough to handle, and he seems to have good range and a decent arm.

Still, you raise a good question, because the new GM could drop loyalty and shed the higher bench contracts of Perez, Pratt and Michaels. Personally, I think all three are good soldiers and wouldn't mind seeing them back, but if it means more money to sign a pitcher, then sure, I would agree. I also agree that Sandoval is an interesting idea. Year after year, he's been a good hitter in the minors.

I actually like that the league has innate differences. The one last league where you can still have an argument over which league is better.

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